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Mafia man killed after gun shot through the mouth

Mafia man killed after gun shot through the mouth

At around 3:00am on June 26th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called after a man had been killed from a gun shot though his mouth.

The incident took place at Palm Hill village on the outskirts of Pattaya.

Police were called by the victims mother, who was unfortunate enough to witness the whole incident that had taken place moments before the police arrived.

She told police that a mafia gang of around 10 men in their twenties had turned up at the family home demanding to see her son. Her son said that he knew the men, but the mother begged her son not to let them inside as she sensed trouble.

The gang, however, managed to force their way into the home where they confronted the victim, 25 years old, regarding the theft of a Buddhist amulet.

The victim argued that he had not stolen the amulet, but taken it as payment for a previous debt. He said that if his money was returned, then he would return the amulet to it’s owner.

The gang, however, had other ideas and the argument became heated.

The mother begged for it to stop and it did, but not the way she was expecting.

She told police that one of the gang members took out a gun, placed it inside the mouth of her son before pulling the trigger, right in front of her own eyes.

The gang quickly made their escape before the police could arrive. The police took several other witness statements and are currently tracking down the gang members in order to bring them to justice.

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