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Korean Attacker arrested by Police

A Thai Man has been arrested for the assault of a Korean tourist

A tourist operator who works on Koh Lan has been arrested following an attack on a Korean tourist on beach road last week.

Fifty year old Doo Chim Choi had asked three men to turn some music down that was blaring from a pick-up in the middle of the night.

The three men got cross and attacked him.

One has now been arrested. He is 33 year old Chanon Thong-in-jan of Bang Khae, Bangkok. He was brought to Pattaya police station where the victim and his wife identified him, reported Pattaya News.

He admitted what he had done and said sorry. He identified two other fiends as Pan and Pe who were also involved. Chanon said that he was usually working in the tourist trade on Koh Lan.

The attack happened near the end of Soi 6 on February 2nd. Police took Chanon’s Toyota Vigo truck into evidence.

So far there has been no mention of any further arrests.

Credit: Pattaya News

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