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Japanese beer sellers show how to re-fuel F1 style

Japanese female beer sellers at a baseball stadium in Tokyo show how to re-fuel with speed

These Japanese beer girls could give F1 teams a run for their money – with lightning fast pit stops to re-fuel their booze backpacks.

The  female vendors sell pints of beer to fans during games at the Jingu Baseball Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

But with 38,000 thirsty spectators cheering on the Tokyo Yakult Swallows their barrels quickly run dry.

The sellers in short yellow skirts dash back to the kitchen where they perch in position on a chrome counter.

Male team members then flip open the backpacks, unscrew the empty kegs and load full barrels weighing around 13kg.

Workers are even on hand to stuff plastic pint glasses into the girls’ holsters and hand them water to stay hydrated while walking up and down the stadium steps.

The pit-stops take between 15 and 25 seconds and the workers need to return around 15 times during a game.

Haruka, who worked at the venue during college, said: ”It was a lot of fun pouring the beer, especially when the crowd cheered after a home run.

”The atmosphere of the stadium was bright, everyone enjoyed it, and I cheered my favorite team.

”A lot of people would ask if it was tough work. But working in such a situation makes you feel better. That’s why I liked it.”

Haruka said the games would last between two-and-a-half hours to three hours, for which she would receive 15,000YEN (105GBP) which was ”good wages for an after school job”.

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