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Incredible Timelapse Shows Storm Cloud Dumping Tonnes Of Water In Lake

Incredible Timelapse

Incredible Timelapse

This world that we live in is full of breathtaking and beautiful views. But how often have you categorised a rainstorm as either ‘breathtaking’ or ‘beautiful’? Be honest, now. You probably haven’t.

Well, that is until now. Because this eye-opening timelapse shows an incredible cloudburst dumping huge amounts of rain in a condensed period of time – an event the videographer dubbed a ‘Tsunami from Heaven’

That’ll prove pretty fitting when you watch the heavens open – and it’s not just your gran over-exaggerating about a bit of drizzle.

In Peter Maier’s amazing video, the grey clouds can be seen rolling toward the lake before unleashing a giant burst of rain in a small spot.

Lake Millstatt, in Carinthia, Austria, can be seen rippling as the rain engulfs it before the clouds roll off into the hills, leave the setting tranquil once more.

Peter, 27, capture the natural phenomenon on 10 June 2018. He said: “When I arrived it had already started to rain slightly.

“I decided to make a short unprofessional time-lapse of the lake and the clouds – you can see I have the lens directed directly to the lake.”

Peter, from Switzerland, was able to film the exact moment of a weather anomaly known as a wet microburst from his balcony, according to Higher Perspective.

MNN reported that Peter looking on in astonishment after he set up his camera on a hotel terrace overlooking the glacial lake.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote: “One can’t plan on capturing such images. It was a lucky shot.”

Ever so modest, isn’t he?

According to Accuweather, a microburst is: “A small column of exceptionally intense and localized sinking air that results in a violent outrush of air at the ground.” Insider reported that sometimes, these microbursts are accompanied by significant amounts of precipitation – as in Maier’s case – which is defined as a ‘wet microburst’


Now, we’ve seen nature doing it’s thing above the water level so let’s look at it underneath.

Well it’s under the sea level to begin with, before leaping out of the water to give tourists in a tiny boat the most incredible, yet scariest, moment of their lives.

Of course we’re talking about the gigantic humpback whale that breached next to a boat sailing out of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia..

John Goodridge, 54, a wildlife photographer, said it was a ‘very close call’ for the tourists as they were ‘almost swamped’ by the energetic 20-tonne giant.

He explained: “The whales were really playful. Sometimes you can sit out there and not even see one, so we were really lucky.

“The anticipation was really high as we had a pod of whales either side of us. It was so exhilarating. Bondi Beach is such an iconic location.

I felt so happy to be a part of it all. To see a whale breach is really amazing. They actually do it to clean their skin of all the barnacles and parasites that have built up.”

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