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In Pattaya, an Italian man had a breakdown and blames marijuana

In Pattaya, an Italian guy who was allegedly high on marijuana threw various objects, including a refrigerator, at bystanders below his balcony. Thankfully, nobody was apparently wounded by the man.At 10:30 PM on May 3rd, police in Pattaya, Thailand, received a report of a foreigner who was on the loose and hurled objects out of his second-floor room at people in the street.

Together with Sawang Boriboon’s rescuers, they hurried to the scene.In the Nongprue sub-district of Banglamung district, on Soi Buakhao, the police showed up at the Charlie Place Hotel. From a safe distance, onlookers watched as the suspect, Mr. Antonio M, 43, of Italian descent, launched various objects from the hotel’s second-floor balcony, including a television, a vanity table, and even a sizable refrigerator.The individual was characterized as being extremely uncooperative and in a state of frenzy by Pattaya Police. Police and rescuers ultimately had to break into his room and drag him outside.

The Pattaya News was informed by the police that they discovered three marijuana sachets, rolling sheets, and marijuana-related accessories in Mr. Antonio’s room. He was detained and brought to the police department.The Italian man’s Thai girlfriend, Ms. Nid, whose true identity was concealed by the authorities, was questioned by police.

She claimed that during their two months of dating, Mr. Antonio had never acted in such a frenetic manner.According to Ms. Nid, the foreign lover consumed a lot of marijuana yesterday and developed paranoia, believing that someone was attempting to hurt him. Before starting to throw things at people, he stepped on the balcony in a panic and locked the front door. The police were then contacted for assistance by Ms. Nid.

According to the police, the man wrecked one motorcycle. He is being prosecuted at the neighborhood police station and has allegedly blamed the occurrence on a brief psychosis brought on by marijuana, however this hasn’t been medically confirmed, police were warned, and other causes may also be to blame.

Despite being a very divisive political subject, marijuana was decriminalized in Thailand last June; however, formal legislation has been delayed in Parliament as a result of disagreements between supporters and opponents.

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