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Grand National: Tiger Triumphs But Big MaC Sticks With Big Leo!

Tiger Roll

Tiger Roll Has Won The Aintree Grand National For The Second Year Running: Watch The Race And Read What Big MaC Had To Say!

By: Marc Gingell

Inmates At ‘The Dark Side’s’ View Dee!

Inmates at View Dee, located on the ‘Dark Side’ of Pattaya and owned by British Sporting legend Brian Jacks, have just endured a torrid week listening to racing expert Michael ‘Big John’ McCracken waxing lyrical about Tiger Roll’s chances in the Grand National with his mate Big Leo. Big Mac said he couldn’t lose. And he didn’t.

Big MaC Had This To Say!

“Since last year’s race, I’ve kept a close eye on Tiger Roll and had some conversations with Big Leo. We knew that this little horse had the heart of a lion and could complete a double for the first time since Red Rum and I was on Red Rum all those years ago as well. I started lumping on (Tiger Roll) as soon as I could and it’s proved a nice little earner for me!”

McCracken stopped for a few seconds, to add ice to his glass before filling it with the contents his big bottle of ‘Leo,’ before he continued waxing to anyone in earshot. No doubt, big Big MaC, and Big Leo, would continue to wax long into the night!

Pattaya One: Big Leo.

Washer Got On Early

Washer, another View Dee regular now back in the UK after an early release for good behavior, heard about the Tiger Roll buzz and he got on early at 8 to 1.

Big Tiger?

Despite Tiger doing the business for Big MaC, and a few of his ‘Dark Side’ buddies, non of them felt the urge to switch to a Big Tiger!

View Dee Apartments 

Just in case anyone is wondering about View Dee Apartments. It’s located just off Nurn Plub Wahn, road on the other side of Sukhumvit Road. in Pattaya that is commonly referred to as ‘The Dark Side.’ About six minutes from Central Pattaya.

That nickname (Dark Side) might have stuck many years ago as there’s nothing dark about this side of Pattaya anymore. It’s a thriving area with some great bars and restaurants. And of course some great places to stay, such as View Dee, where Brian and his wife Lek take great care of their customers.

Pattaya One. View Dee Apartments located on Pattaya’s Dark Side.



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Pattaya One: Brian Jacks.



Pattaya One: Brian Jacks. British Sporting Legend now living on Pattaya’s ‘Dark Side.’ Why? Read why he had to quit Britain and fled to the ‘Dark Side’ in Brian Jacks – The Mindset of a Champion.



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