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Foreign physicians fully against Thai penis whitening procedures

Foreign physicians fully against Thai penis whitening procedures

The recent viral news about Thai penis whitening treatments were the subject of discussion at a Paris conference for cosmetic surgeons over the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, the European doctors at the International Master Course on Aging Science Congress were not fans of the unusual procedure and warned men against considering the treatments.

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Thairath reported that Thailand has created a worldwide buzz in the medical community, which has weighed in on the weird procedure performed at Nonthaburi’s Lelux Hospital. The clinic was fined over their possibly misleading advertisements for the procedure.

Thailand’s Department of Medical Services has already warned citizens against the procedure, and the European doctors agreed.

The local media quoted a French surgeon named Fabian Bouchet as saying, “I don’t think anyone should get the procedure,” while an Italian doctor, Massimiliano Brambilla, pointed out that lightening the delicate area with chemicals is unnecessary.

Bouchet went on to say that the genital area is very fragile, and there has been no study to support the penis whitening procedure nor has there been a product developed to specifically whiten that area.

In fact, Bouchet said that, based on his experience performing gender reassignment surgery, genitals that are too light look unnatural.

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