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Flydubai Expands Boeing 737 MAX Flights To Krabi & Pattaya, Doubling Daily

There are now 11 daily flights from flydubai and Emirates to Thailand.

Flydubai has increased the number of flights to Thailand by two, but not on new routes. Instead, the frequency has increased to twice daily in Krabi and Pattaya (U-Tapao). Despite Krabi being briefly served by flydubai via Myanmar in 2019/2020, they began service in January 2023. The Boeing 737 operator must, without a doubt, be content with the forward bookings and have a great deal of confidence in the future success of both markets.

twice daily to Krabi and Pattaya with flydubai

Thailand has two popular resort cities: Krabi and Pattaya. I’ve traveled to Krabi. Flydubai was inspired to open Krabi in collaboration with Emirates by the 320,000 travelers from Europe and the Middle East who visited there in 2019. The only airline serving this route between the Middle East and Pattaya is flydubai, while Qatar Airways began service from Doha in 2018.The itinerary for both destinations in mid-October is as follows, with all times local; this information was provided by Aeroroutes and verified on the airline’s website and in Cirium/OAG.

First-Route service

Second assistance


Locate flights


01:25-11:00 10:25-20:00

737 MAX 8

For flights from Dubai to Krabi, go here.




737 MAX 8

Dubai-Pattaya 00:35-09:55


737 MAX 8

Fly from Dubai to Pattaya by clicking here.




737 MAX 8

Right now, there is a “split schedule” for both routes. In order to maximize connectivity over Dubai, there is either an early morning or a mid-morning departure from the UAE depending on the day. Each departure has been increased to everyday.

initial outcomes

Both routes, as was previously reported, began operating in January. As a result, there is little information available, and what there is has an impact since it is recent.In February, flydubai offered 9,296 roundtrip seats on both flights. According to booking information, it transported around 7,300 passengers to and from Krabi (79% seat fill ratio) and 8,300 passengers to and from Pattaya (90%).

Transit vs. peer-to-peer

30% of passengers in Krabi were point-to-point (they only flew to/from Dubai), compared to 46% of travelers in Pattaya who did not transit.

Compared to Pattaya, the Dubai-Krabi P2P market had almost no passengers in February 2019 (apart from those who traveled by land from Bangkok). Unavoidably, both have experienced significant gains as a result of continuous service, albeit from incredibly low bases.The transit market was obviously essential, especially for Krabi. According to estimates, 54% of travelers to and from Pattaya (the most popular market) and 70% of travelers from Krabi transited through Dubai with flydubai and Emirates (Romania was the most popular market).11 departures each day

Through flydubai and Emirates, there will be 11 daily departures from Dubai to Thailand throughout the months of November and December. (In 2020, Thai Airways will no longer fly to Dubai.) The two can go the following paths:

Emirates daily flights*, flydubai daily flights*, and other destinations are available from Dubai.

Four daily Bangkok Five A380s and one 777-300ER

Two 737 MAX 8s each from Krabi, Pattaya, and Phuket, and two 777-300ERs.

Chiang Mai is the next destination for one-way, November-December travel.

Could Dubai provide a service to Chiang Mai? Although Qatar Airways served it from Doha between 2017 and 2020 utilizing the 787-8, A330-200, and, yes, the A319 (through Myanmar), it has no flights to the Middle East (or elsewhere). If its premium seats can routinely be filled, it seems like a no-brainer location for flydubai.

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