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Did Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Predict the Coronavirus Quarantine Back in 2010?


A very good friend of mine, Kate Black who lives in Abingdon, England messaged me today and asked me to google the Disney film Tangled and have a look at the name of the kingdom.

Katie Black
Katie who sent me the message

It turns out that Rapunzel was forced to practice social distancing to avoid contact with the Kingdom of Corona.

People on Twitter are getting tangled up in the similarities between a popular Disney film and the coronavirus pandemic.

Users of the social media platform noticed that as social distancing, self-isolating and quarantining become the norm to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people are now living in a way that’s eerily similar to the plot of the movie “Tangled.”

The film’s main character, Rapunzel, has been isolated her entire life ― which is 18 years ― because her mother, Gothel, alleges that their village is not safe. The name of that village is Corona.

“Tangled,” which came out in 2011, is obviously not based on real-life and wasn’t predicting the future (at least … we’re pretty sure), so this is all in good fun — but we figured we’d share some of the chatter in an effort to brighten up your day:

Now the whole world is talking about the coronavirus, and it’s understandable. Never in our lifetime has something like this impacted the world as a whole. Many of us are doing our part by staying indoors and watching TV and movies, staying away from people. Disney has always produced movies that we can watch over and again without getting bored, and it seems a lot of people have recently viewed the 2010 film Tangled recently. And it has people wondering if the name of the kingdom is going to be changed for the next movie.

Over this past weekend, “What was the name of the kingdom in ‘Tangled?’” was the most Googled question. And the answer to that question is very fitting to today’s time.

But that’s not all. It turns out that for centuries, Gothel kept herself young and healthy using a magical flower that grew on her property. Then one day, soldiers from a nearby kingdom showed up and seized the flower from her so they could use it to heal the queen. Yes, that’s right, the richest person in the land confiscated medicine from someone who was hoarding it — then they just used it for themselves.

So Gothel went to that kingdom to steal it back, then discovered that while the flower was gone — not enough vaccines for everyone apparently — its power was inherited by the queen’s newborn daughter, Rapunzel, or more specifically her hair. Cue the kidnapping and years of isolation as Goethel used Rapunzel’s magical hair to remain young.

But most importantly, the name of the kingdom Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel from? Corona. We see what you didn’t intentionally do there, Disney.

That’s about where the similarities end of course. In the movie, Rapunzel parents, the king and queen of Corona, desperately want her back, while coronavirus doesn’t exactly have a benevolent reputation. But we admit it would be nice if it turned out someone could heal the rest of us with their hair or, as revealed at the end of the movie, even just their tears.

Even so, if Rapunzel can spend 18 years of her life trapped in quarantine, surely we can all handle a few weeks, right?

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