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Viral clip: Is it a ghost or child’s imaginary friend?

Viral clip: Is it a ghost or child’s imaginary friend?

Imaginary friend?: A video clip of a mother asking her young girl who she was talking to when there were only two of them present has gone viral on Facebook.


Adding to the shock experienced by the clip’s audience, a mysterious third person’s voice saying, “Krub”, can be heard in the clip, which was shot at a school in Songkhla on Monday evening.

The mother, whose Facebook account is Kru Ju Taksaporn Yodthong, posted the clip on her Facebook wall to share with “friends” after school on Monday. By 8am on Wednesday, the clip had been viewed over 4.3 million times and received over 16,000 reactions and 90 comments. It had been shared over 53,000 times.

In the clip, the mother recounts that she and her daughter were stranded by rain and so did not leave the school until dusk.

She says she noticed that her daughter, Im-aim, was speaking while alone in front of a computer room on the second floor, so she asked the girl who she was talking to.

The girl replies in the clip that she was talking to a small kid who was standing on the stairway and wearing pink shoes.

The mother says in the post that she looked around and saw nobody else, and all the children had left as dusk was falling.

The mother then tells her girl to tell the one she was talking to that their car was full so the “kid” should go on playing alone and should not follow them.

When the girl turns back to talk to the air, a mysterious sound of “Krub” (“yes, sir) could be heard clearly.

Comments included questions whether the girl was talking to her imaginary friend, but other comments asked if that was so, why was there an answer from nowhere.

The mother replied to some comments that she was not sure who made the third-party sound but she did not want to see the owner of the voice as she was shocked enough.

Some of the mother’s friends asked whether she had not become accustomed to her daughter talking alone. The mother replied that her girl was often seen talking alone and sometimes shared soda drinks with friends who were nowhere in sight.

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