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Castleford Tigers Celebrate First Victory of the Season

Castleford Tigers

In a riveting Super League clash, Castleford Tigers marked their first win of the 2024 season with a resounding victory over the Salford Red Devils. The match saw winger Innes Senior’s stunning performance, securing four tries and steering his team to a remarkable triumph.

Castleford surged ahead in the first half, with Senior delivering a brace of tries alongside Sam Hall’s contribution. Despite Salford’s responses through Ryan Brierley and Tim Lafai, Castleford maintained control, thanks to Senior’s impressive display.

Senior continued to dominate in the second half, adding two more tries to his tally, while Brad Martin also made a significant impact with a powerful try. Although Salford managed to notch tries through Brierley and Nene Macdonald, Castleford’s relentless momentum ensured they clinched the victory.

The win provided Castleford with a much-needed boost, especially after a challenging week marked by prop George Lawler’s hospitalization due to a brain bleed. Despite facing adversity with the loss of key players like Paul McShane and Liam Watts to injuries, Castleford displayed resilience and determination, epitomized by Senior’s outstanding performance.

Castleford coach Craig Lingard expressed his delight at seeing Senior’s exceptional display, highlighting the winger’s newfound confidence and assertiveness on the field. However, Lingard also emphasized the importance of prioritizing the well-being of injured players like Lawler.

Salford boss Paul Rowley acknowledged his team’s shortcomings in the match, attributing the loss to a subpar performance. Despite moments of brilliance from his side, Rowley lamented their inability to cope with Castleford’s relentless energy and pace.

Overall, Castleford’s victory served as a testament to their resilience and determination, providing them with a much-needed boost in the Super League standings.


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