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Burglary at Elderly German Man’s Condo

German man comes home to find condo ransacked

At around 3:00am on Saturday Jan 28th, Pattaya police were called to investigate a burglary at a condo in central Pattaya owned by a German expat.

Arriving at the scene they found Mr. Klee Gunter, 79 years old waiting patiently for assistance. He explained to police that he been out socializing with some friends, and enjoying a few beers at a nearby beer bar. He hadn’t been out too long, but on returning home he found that his condo has been broken into and his belongings were scattered all over the place.

The incident took place at Pattaya Park condo on the 5th floor, room 72, which is a 2 story suite. It is still unknown how the burglars managed to gain access to the condo, as there were no signs of forced entry.

Some minor electronic possessions were missing but more notably, was that the burglars had also managed to gain access into the safe. The took 1,500 Euro’s which is roughly around 58,000 Thai Baht, as well 10,000 Thai Baht in cash from the safe.

There were no eye witnesses to the crime, so police are now looking at CCTV images from the condo and the surrounding area in an attempt to catch the thieves, although no breakthrough has been made as of yet.

The investigation continues.

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