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British man fakes kidnapping

In an unexpected turn of events, a kidnapping report in Thailand took a surprising twist when the family of a British national alerted Thai police about the alleged abduction. The Central Police Bureau received information via Interpol from Ian’s family in the UK, prompting an investigative team to be deployed to the Crime Suppression Division.

The team quickly located Ian, the British man, in a room on Soi Nong Prue 13 in Pattaya. This led to the dispatch of the special operations team, Hanuman, to the scene. However, the situation took an unforeseen turn when the police found Ian in the company of three other Westerners, engaging in drug-related activities rather than being held captive.

The law enforcement officers were astonished to discover that there was no evidence of a kidnapping. Instead, the room contained firearms and drugs. As a result, arrests were made, and the individuals were charged with jointly possessing category 1 narcotics (methamphetamine), jointly possessing firearms and ammunition, and being foreigners whose permission to remain in the Kingdom had expired.

Further investigation revealed that Ian and his three companions had been residing in Thailand for an extended period. However, facing financial difficulties, they concocted an audacious scam. Ian devised a plan to deceive his family into believing he had been kidnapped, coercing them into sending a ransom for his release and funding his next adventure.

This unexpected revelation sheds new light on the initial kidnapping report and highlights the criminal activities that were taking place. The police will continue their investigation into this case and further actions will be taken accordingly.


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