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Authorities impose new rules on speedboat operators

Authorities impose new rules on speedboat operators

The municipal authorities in Pattaya City have introduced new, strict laws to address the problems speedboat operators at Bali Hai Pier are experiencing. This involves implementing uniform admission fees and outlawing the herding of tourists.

The Pattaya City Council met one day in early September to plan and coordinate tour boat operations. Conflict between businesses vying for tourists traveling to Koh Larn from South Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier served as the impetus for this. Pol. Lt. Col. Surachet Aneksri, Pittayaporn Korkaew, the deputy superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, other authorities, and representatives from tour boats were present at the meeting, which deputy mayor Wuttisak Ruemkitkan presided over.

Ticket prices, service policies, and the creation of collaboration agreements between operators and Pattaya City were among the topics covered at the meeting. The city made the decision to forbid tour boat companies from approaching and shooing away travelers asking for a boat to Koh Larn. The technique of forcing passengers to take speed boats rather allowing them to approach a ticket wait is referred to as herding.
Operators are instructed to remain inside their assigned tents and promote their services only from there as part of the steps to preserve order and prevent confrontations between enterprises. Additionally, they must guarantee a maximum of five staff members each tent.
This action may be a reaction to the aggressive strategies used by operators to approach tourists. According to The Pattaya News, this has caused discomfort among tourists and damaged Pattaya’s reputation.

Additionally, those who are granted licenses to run businesses at Bali Hai Pier are required to submit the government comprehensive and accurate information about their activities, boat routes, departure times, and prices.

The council has established the following fixed and standard ticket pricing for boat voyages to Koh Larn in order to address the issue of unclear ticket costs: It costs 150 baht (US$ 4) for a one-way travel per person from Bali Hai Pier to Na Baan Pier and 300 baht (US$ 8) for a round-trip per person. A one-way excursion from Bali Hai Pier to Tawaen Beach is 200 baht (US$ 5.5) per person, and a round-trip cost is 300 baht per person.
Prices for charter boats have also been determined. The price has increased from 2,500 baht (US$ 70) to 2,800 baht (US$ 78) for a boat with one engine and 12 passengers. The cost for a two-engine boat is 4,500 baht (US$ 125).

On September 14 and 15, operators must go before the authorities to formally seek the usage of Bali Hai Pier. The operators and the council have a contract in which they both agree to follow the aforementioned rules throughout the meeting. The pier’s business operations will be put on hold for seven days for the first offense, 15 days for the second, and one month for the third violation.


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