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34 Years since Hillsborough : An official apology

Hillsborough disaster

Hillsborough disaster: Police chiefs apologize on behalf of ALL of their departments for the 97 fatalities

Martin Hewitt, the police chief, has apologized on behalf of the police force for failing to ensure public safety during the FA Cup game at Hillsborough, which resulted in the deaths of 97 Liverpool supporters.

97 Liverpool supporters perished as a result of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989.

In reaction to a damning report on the Hillsborough tragedy, police chiefs apologized today.

After a crush at a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15, 1989, which resulted in the deaths of 97 football fans, the Rt Rev James Jones, a former bishop of Liverpool, issued 25 recommendations.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Martin Hewitt said: “I’d want to apologize on behalf of the police department’s top brass.

“As police officers, it is our first priority to keep people safe, but we failed to do so in Hillsborough in April 1989.

“I sincerely regret the unfortunate death toll as well as the anguish and suffering that the 97 victims’ families endured on that day and for many years afterward. Of course, that grief and pain cannot be undone.”

Martin Hewitt issued an apology on behalf of all police forces for the tragedy’s fatalities.

A jury in an inquest determined that police mistakes in crowd control on the day of the tragedy were to blame for the crush.

The Independent Panel explained how the fans were later wrongfully held responsible for the mishap in 2012.

The police’s dissemination of false information in the wake of the accident, according to a study released on Tuesday by the NPCC and College of Policing, “caused immense distress to many people and continues resound today.”

The head of the College of Policing, Chief Constable Andy Marsh, stated: “Policing has severely failed those who lost loved ones in the Hillsborough disaster over a number of years, and we are sorry that the service got it so wrong.

The tragedy was mostly caused by police mistakes, which have since affected the lives of family members.

“The grieving were frequently treated insensitively and the reaction lacked coordination and accountability at a time when leadership was most needed.”

Hillsborough, according to him, is a “touchstone for long-lasting transformation in policing,” and efforts are being made to establish a “A contemporary, dynamic police force that operates with honesty, integrity, and compassion.

The changes, according to Mr. Marsh, include a strengthened ethical policy that makes candor a key theme, the signing of a charter by all police forces in England and Wales, and new guidance for specialized officers supporting families during a tragedy that takes lessons from the Hillsborough Families Report, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and the 2017 terrorist attacks.

It was not just the Police that had to apologise we all know why scousers hate the Sun newspaper:

All lies every word!
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