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3 arrested for stabbing Lebanese tourist

3 arrested for stabbing Lebanese tourist

3 Arrested: Police arrested three men who stabbed a Lebanese tourist who rammed their motorbike, but failed to apologize.

Tharapong Jampathong, 43, Eak Sakulnee, 35, and Nat­tawuth Wachirabanklang, 36, were apprehended Oct. 31, nearly a week after attacking Mohamad El Wazzi, 29, at a Soi Buakhao Family Mart.

El Wazzi was treated for the 3-centimeter wound on the left side of his chest at Pattaya Hospital and released.

The spark for the assault began earlier when El Wazzi allegedly hit one of the trio’s motorbikes but drove off without even an “excuse me”. They followed him to the convenience store where, they claimed, El Wazzi started a fistfight.

They retaliated with a knife and ran away before police arrived.

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