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2 Chickens get married in Chantaburi with 300,000 Baht Dowry

2 Chickens tie the knot in Chantaburi

Yes you did read that correctly and no it is not made up, 2 real life chickens have got married with the owner of the rooster paying the owner of the hen 300,000 Baht.

You really can’t make this stuff up can you.

The happy erm, “couple”, for want of a better word,  “Jao Thao Sam Saen” a male fighting cock worth one million baht and his bride “Mae Jao Yort Pradu” (aged 2) tied the knot in an unusual ceremony held in Soi Dao district of the eastern Thai province.

All the traditions of a typical Thai wedding were there too. With the after party being held at the “Thongchai Camp” who are the owners of the “groom”.

Anucha Inthasorn was the lucky guy who got to hold the groom whilst a few performers entertained the guests.

He said it had been a big responsibility to hold the groom but his father had taught him all he needed to know about how to hold a cock.

There was no holding back on costs too, with guests having to pass through five gold and silver gates before entering the home of the “newlyweds”

Thongchai Camp owner Kittisak Samranjit handed out 20 envelopes of cash to pass through, gratefully received by the owners of the bride, the Porn Yaa Mo Camp from the province of Nakorn Ratchasima.

At a very specific time of 11:39am, which had been decided by the powers that be, the main ceremony began.

The 300,000 baht dowry was laid out and both chickens were lucky enough to be handed a gold chain each weighing 1 Baht, which is roughly 20,000 Baht.

Then it was time to proceed inside where golden perches had been organized and the money was brought in to line the route.

Amazingly, the story managed to grab a whole 3 minutes of air time on all the major Thai news and TV stations. What happens next is any bodies guess.

What happens when one of the chickens wants a divorce?


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