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Why your room safe is not worth using

Why your room safe is not worth using

Why your room safe is not worth using

BEFORE you lock your personal items away in the hotel room safe, you should first make sure it is secure.

An expert has explained that some hotels have very easy override codes – meaning anyone can easily gain access.

An eye-opening video shared on YouTube shows how easy it is for an intruder to break into certain safes once they have gained entry to your room.

In the clip posted by “Lock Picking Lawyer,” the person in the film is seen setting their own personal code – just as any guest does when leaving valuables in their room.

After checking that the box is locked, the man then enters an incorrect code on purpose but is barred from opening the door.

However, the man then presses the “lock” button, followed by 999999, and the door opens.

According to the experts – the code 0000 is also often used by safe companies as a codebreaker.

The codebreakers are used as a safety mechanism in case the guest forgets their own code and the staff can open the door, but it also leaves the safe open to abuse from intruders.

As a result, all guests should check whether their own hotel safe has the same codebreaker before deciding whether to leave their own items alone on vacation.






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