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World’s rarest Champagne bottles set to sell for £173,000

One of the world’s rarest bottle of Champagne is on sale for £173,000 — after the bottle itself cost £3,400 to make.

The 30-litre bottle, known as a Melchizedek, is one of just four produced by fine wine investment firm Oeno from the posh champagne brand Boerl & Kroff.

The bottle of plonk, which can serve 350 glasses of fizz, is made up of 90 per cent Pinot Noir, 7 per cent Chardonnay and 3 per cent Pinot Meunier and comes with its own stand.

It derives from a 1995 vintage — making it one of the rarest Champagnes on the market

The bottle alone cost £3,400 to create at a glass-blowing facility in Italy where the kiln was left constantly running to maintain the high temperatures required to make one big enough.

Boerl & Kroff’s CEO Stéphane Sésé said: ‘It would be amazing to celebrate a special wedding or party with this bottle — you can serve up to 350 Champagne glasses from this one bottle alone. ‘

There is even a special machine to serve it because it’s so big.’ A spokesman for Boerl & Kroff added: ‘The juices come exclusively from the first press and flow naturally, without pumping.

‘This process allows us to use a very low quantity of sulphites and a very natural vinification.

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