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WordPress! 7 Essential Reasons to Choose


When you think about building a website, the first application that springs to mind is usually WordPress and here are seven reasons why it is the obvious choice.

  1. Flexibility

In the modern world, most people demand a website that is tailored to their unique needs and this is where is perfect! You can quickly start a blog, create a website for your business, or have an online store – almost anything that you want, WordPress can do.

The application has built-in optimisation and is highly responsive, not to mention that the fact that it has mobile-ready themes.

  1. Easy Customisation

With a wide variety of plugins available, it is ideal for those who are not programmers or web designers. Indeed you need minimal experience at all to get your website up and running thanks to WordPress’ extensive range of themes and templates allowing easy customisation. Most templates come with their edit panels making changes even easier.

  1. Safety and Security

WordPress has your online security at heart and is a safe and secure platform, but the problems that raise their head from malware should never be ignored. We would strongly advise that you consult WordPress Security for Beginners to keep your site safe and secure.

iThemes Security, often known as Better WP Security, and Wordfence Security are excellent plugins which will offer your website even more security and keep you abreast of vulnerabilities, traffic trends as well as any attempted hacks.

  1. SEO Friendly

Unlike some other alternatives, WordPress chooses to use “standard compliance high-quality code” and “semantic markup” which essentially means that it has all the traits that appeal to Google. For additional help, you could consider downloading the WordPress SEO plugin from your dashboard. It means that you can also embed content without any previous coding experience.

WP Dashboard

  1. Easy to Manage

You won’t have to worry about updates as WordPress has a built-in system that manages them on your behalf. On receiving a notification, if a new version becomes available, this can be applied with just a simple click of your mouse.

Any data on your website can be protected by using a WordPress backup plugin with mobile apps available meaning that you can manage your site from anywhere in the world.

  1. Easy to Use Various Media Types

Some basic website applications only allow you to include text, but with WordPress’ built-in media uploader, it is easy to add images, videos and audio files. Including YouTube videos, Tweets as well as Instagram images, you can transform your website in a matter of moments.

  1. A Cost-Effective Solution!

When we describe WordPress as cost-effective, what we mean is it an Open Source product making it FREE to download. There are no licence fees to pay; you pay for some plugins and themes alone, meaning that you can make huge savings without compromising on quality.

To put it simply, with WordPress, you can create a professional website, blog or app using the wide range of themes and designs which are available. Few would argue that WordPress isn’t one of the world’s most popular website platforms.

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