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Wonderfruit Festival 2019

Wonderfruit Festival 2019: Music, arts, lifestyle, and wellness in Thailand

The Wonderfruit Festival is an annual eco-friendly event that is held at The Fields at Siam Country Club, just outside Pattaya in Thailand. This unique music festival is committed to showcasing incredible musical performances and art installation as it is committed to sustainability and wellness.

Festival goers are treated to mind-blowing visual arts and architecture created by immensely talented local and international artists. Even the stages themselves are insane works of art! The ultra-cool installations, some of which are interactive, allow you to marvel in the sheer wonders of abstract concepts including time, light, nature, and space.

The festival is also huge on food and drink. And we’re not talking about your regular festival fare. The event organizers have gone all out to offer you world-class food and drink from topnotch chefs and mixologists. Signature dishes, farm-to-table feasts, and delicious craft cocktails are just some of the epic gastronomic delights you can expect at the festival. Of course, healthy versions of popular Thai street foods will also be available. You’ll never go hungry at the event, and every single thing you eat is fresh, locally sourced, and tasty.

Creatives, indulge in the amazing workshops focused on environmental awareness and self-improvement that will be offered in between sets. There’s a great selection of curated workshops that involve sustainable interior design, hammock weaving, plant medicine, permaculture, crystal healing, conservation, and more. Feel good with the abundant wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and even orgasm improvement!

Wonderfruit Festival 2019 Dates

The festival will be held from December 12-16, 2019.


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