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Women disfigured by botched tattoo job

A woman with four thick black eyebrows left by a botched tattoo had her eyebrows fixed thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Nipapron Meeking, 32, said she paid 1,500 baht (£35) for a cosmetic procedure at a perforated clinic in Rayong province, eastern Thailand.

But she was horrified when she ended up with two extra arches on her forehead painted with her permanent makeup ink.

An enraged customer confronted her clumsy tattoo artist, who reportedly promised to erase her cheesy forehead.

However, the store closed the next day and the owner was gone

Nipaporn struggled to manage her four eyebrows, but last week she was contacted by her kind beauty tattoo artist to get them fixed for free. I was able to remove that functionality.

Nipapuron said: I remember planning a trip with a friend and wanting my new eyebrows to look pretty. For the latest stories follow Bangkok Jack News on Twitter.

“Shortly after the incident, the shop was closed and I don’t know where the owner is now. Life with four eyebrows on my forehead was hard.” But luckily I found this new tattoo artist.”

The kind tattoo artist promised to take the case for free so she could regain her confidence.

He has now fixed an embarrassing eyebrow blunder that Nipaplon has had for about a year.

Tattoo artist Patawee Pumkasem, 32, said . to help her girlfriend. Normally it would cost her 15,000 THB (£353) but I am happy to do it for free.

“It will take three months to give her nice new brows. You will need to remove the old ink and wait for it to fade before you can outline the new brows.”

Nipapron had three tattoo artists remove unwanted facial tattoos, but the marks remained visible.

She said: “I didn’t know what to do and I was mostly stuck at home because it really affected my confidence. I went to another artist and they Couldn’t fix it.

“I can finally live a normal life with this new artist.”

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