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Woman transferred wrong account, and never got money back

Woman transferred wrong account, almost a year and still no money back.

A woman contacted the Sanook news team on the 28th of this month to help spread awareness of transferring money, she wishes that her story will remind bank customers to always double check the account number and name before pressing enter.


Maliwan 49 years old reported that she accidentally sent 30,000 THB to a wrong account through a bank mobile application on her phone. The bank account belonged to a customer of the same bank. She put in 1 wrong number transferring her money to a company account.


As soon as Maliwan realized that the account number was wrong, she contacted the bank along with bringing proof to a bank branch. She requested the bank to freeze her money that was already in the wrong account. Maliwan then traveled to the police station and filed a report as proof for the bank. The bank informed her that they have contacted the bank account owner making her believe that her money would be returned soon.


Maliwan kept on believing that her money would be returned to her soon but months have gone by with no news. She had gone to ask for an update on the situation from the bank for over 7 times but the bank kept on informing her that the account owner has not contacted the bank back.



Maliwan decided to call the bank account owner directly, but the owner told her that the bank had never contacted her or informed her of the situation.

Maliwan stated that the situation has made her confused as she doesn’t know whom to believe or whether the bank is telling her the truth or not. She has decided to contact the media with hopes that making the story public will help the bank speed up the process of returning her money.


Maliwan fully understands that it is her fault for not double checking the account details before sending the 30,000 THB to the bank, but the bank should have measurements implicated for accidents similar to her case. All she wants is to have her money returned back to her.

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