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Woman Stockpiling Tins And Nappies Told To Calm Down By Iceland Boss

Woman Stockpiling

A woman who has been stockpiling in case the coronavirus pandemic continues has been told to calm down by Iceland’s managing director:

Emma Tarry, from Lancashire, appeared on This Morning and explained how she’s trying to keep her family safe by stocking her fridge and freezer up as well as getting 400 tins and 700 nappies.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the mum-of-two said: “My main issue with it all is every time I got to a supermarket at this point we’re putting out families at risk, I think it’s best if we go as little as possible – and I shop more online.”

She went on: “The items in the supermarket are not sanitised, that is a breeding ground for bacteria. ‘I don’t feel comfortable putting my family at risk every time I need a bottle of milk or some break I limit how often I have to go out.”

Credit: ITV/This Morning
Credit: ITV/This Morning

Iceland’s boss, Richard Walker, also appeared on the show to tell Emma she had nothing to worry about because the warehouses are piled up with supplies.

He said: “I totally sympathise with Emma and I understand, I say this as a consumer rather than a retailer. These are such unsettling and uncertain times and all Emma is trying to do is provide for her family so I get it – who would not want to do that?

“But as a retailer, I can assure you – assure Emma – that there is absolutely no problem whatsoever with stock, there’s no supply shortages, there’s no issue with suppliers.

“You should see my five distribution centres around the country. They are stuffed full, 100 percent with stock, floor-to-ceiling with toilet roll and everything else in-between.”

Emma Tarry. Credit: ITV/This Morning
Emma Tarry. Credit: ITV/This Morning

Speaking about how retailers have learned from the first lockdown, Richard added: “Yes our supply lines were knocked and there was a temporary issue where there were some empty shelves on key items but we recovered very quickly.

“We also now have more history and data in terms of the usual suspects of what sells when people start to panic – toilet roll, flour, canned goods.”

Ricard isn’t the only people trying to put the minds of the country at ease. Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, urged the public to continue shopping as they normally would, safe in the knowledge we are well-prepared for any future lockdowns.

Mr Opie said: “Retailers have done an excellent job in ensuring customers have access to food and necessities throughout this pandemic.

“Since March, retail businesses have strengthened their supply chains as well as investing hundreds of millions to make stores safe and secure for customers; this includes perspex screens, social distancing measures and additional hygiene measures. As such, retail remains a safe space for consumers, even under future lockdowns.

“Supply chains are stronger than ever before and we do not anticipate any issues in the availability of food or other goods under any future lockdown. Nonetheless, we urge consumers to be considerate of others and shop as they normally would.”


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