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Woman shocked to discover boyfriend’s secret family with maid she ‘sent home’

Woman shocked

Woman shocked to discover boyfriend’s secret family with maid she ‘sent home’

Suspicious of her boyfriend’s close relationship with their domestic helper, a jealous girlfriend decided to terminate the maid’s employment and send her packing.

Little did she know that her attempt to separate the pair would backfire spectacularly..

Not only did her boyfriend secretly arrange for the Indonesian helper to stay in Singapore, he rented a home for her and even fathered a child with the 28-year-old, she revealed in an interview with Lianhe Wanbao.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared with the Chinese evening daily that she and her boyfriend had moved to Singapore from China over 10 years ago and have a daughter together.

Although they never got married, they have lived together for many years, she said. 

As both of them were working, they decided to hire a domestic helper to care for their daughter in 2017.

It was only in 2019 when her daughter blurted out “Daddy hugged kakak (sister)” that the woman realised something was amiss.

Despite her boyfriend’s denials, she began to suspect that there was something going on between the pair.

After multiple fights with her boyfriend over their helper, she decided to send the helper home before her employment contract was up.

Believing that things would improve once the helper was gone, she even “personally sent her to the airport” and “made sure she went in”.

Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend had secretly extended the helper’s employment contract for two months and rented a place for her to stay in Singapore.

She only discovered the truth when she snooped through her boyfriend’s phone, she said. According to her, she had a bad feeling after he continued to go out regularly, even during the circuit breaker period.

To her dismay, she found out that the helper she had apparently “sent home” was still in Singapore and even had a baby with her boyfriend. The child was born in May this year.

After being confronted, her boyfriend finally admitted to living together with their helper, she said, lamenting that he now only returns home occasionally to see their daughter.

Incensed, she attempted to report the helper to the police but was allegedly told that there was “no reason” to arrest the helper.

She then reported the matter to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) instead, she said.

MOM investigating man and helper

In response to the newspaper’s queries, the MOM confirmed it is aware of the matter and is investigating the man and the domestic helper under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

Those employed under a Work Permit are not permitted to get pregnant or deliver a child in Singapore unless they are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Work Permit holders also require MOM’s approval to marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Contravening any condition of a work pass is an offence and is punishable with a fine of up to $10,000, up to a year in prison, or both.

Employers who are aware of their domestic helper’s pregnancy but fail to report it to MOM could also forfeit their $5,000 security bond.

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