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Woman roasted for shaming Foodpanda and expecting full refund over missing packet of extra chilli


Having the right condiments can make or break a meal (especially for all the die-hard chilli fiends out there).

But one woman learnt the hard way that publicly flaming Foodpanda for not giving her a full refund over a missing packet of chilli probably isn’t the best way to go about things.

The woman’s rant, posted on Facebook group page Complaint Singapore today (Nov 5), gained a rousing response from netizens — in support of Foodpanda, that is.

Laying out her complaints, the woman said she had ordered chicken rice with an extra packet of chilli via the food delivery platform yesterday (Nov 4).

The meal was for an elderly neighbour who did not know how to order food online and had asked for her help, she said.

“To ensure that I [got] the order I wanted, I messaged the customer service online and managed to get the customer service to confirm that they had called the restaurant and [would] adhere to the order.”

Alas, despite her best efforts, the chicken rice arrived without the extra packet of chilli.

Unhappy with the $4 voucher offered by Foodpanda as compensation, she griped: “I’m calling to cancel my order because I wanted my extra packet of chilli and had done all that I can to ensure that it was followed. [sic]”

She was also upset that the customer service executive allegedly asserted that she “should be glad” about the $4 voucher as she hadn’t been charged extra for her special request of only chicken wing parts. 

Determined to procure the absent chilli packet by hook or by crook, the woman apparently even drove down to the eatery so her neighbour would not be disappointed.

It would have been great if there was a “total refund” on the $9.80 order, she added, but it was the “lack of disregard for customer [sic]” that really angered her.

She concluded, “Foodpanda, you’ve got a great delivery platform — don’t let your incompetent staff spoil it for you.”

While she might have been hoping for a swell of online support, her rant quickly drew hundreds of incredulous comments against her.

Many came to Foodpanda’s defence, pointing out that her anger was both misguided and disproportionate.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook 

Well, hopefully, it’s the last time she gets burnt over some chilli. 

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