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Woman picks up wild python blocking the road while men watch

Woman calmly picks up python causing traffic jam in Brazil

This Brazilian woman could teach plenty of men a thing or two about keeping cool… she calmly picked up a giant python from the road.

The deadly 8ft long reptile sparked panic after slithering into the middle of the road in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Trucks and cars travelling on either side of the road stopped. While men were too afraid to walk over to the serpent.

But the fearless woman wearing hot pants and a black top calmly walked over to the python to pick it up by its head and haul it over her shoulders.

She then posed for pictures with the snake on her body before releasing it back into the wild.

Onlooker Paulo Vincent said: ‘’I was just on the motorway riding my motorcycle and there is this snake stopping traffic. Nobody knew what to.”

Paulo said he was not expecting the woman to walk over and pick up the snake as he feared it could attack people.

He added: ‘’The reaction has been ‘woah, what a brave woman’ while the men waited for the problem to be solved in another way. She was not afraid and took direct action.

‘’I think the men were deliberating whether to use a stick or call a specialist service.’’

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