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Woman Mimics Beyoncé Pregnancy Picture – And Boyfriend Gets Involved Too

Lindsay Sandiford

Back in 1991, Demi Moore posed for an iconic Vanity Fair cover in which she revealed her pregnancy bump.

Beyoncé re-imagined this pose when she was pregnant in 2017, in what turned out to be the most liked photo on Instagram that year.

And now, a LAD from Salford has followed in their footsteps.

David Harding’s girlfriend Georgia Marston is 35 weeks pregnant and she decided she wanted to imitate the famous pose to prove that everyone can embrace their pregnancy bump and ‘feel fabulous’, whether they’re ‘Beyoncé or an ordinary girl from Yorkshire’.

However, hairdresser Ms Marston then had the inspired idea of getting her hubby involved too.

Speaking to LADbible, the 22-year-old said: “After pestering him to also do a picture for about an hour, he finally decided he would do it. We are always up for a laugh, always laughing and doing crazy things as a pair. He never takes much persuading to be fair, we’re a match made in heaven.”

After sharing the pics on social media, the pair were inundated with praise – but who did it better?

Ms Marston said: “I would like to say I did it better, but I think Instagram and Facebook think different.

“Everyone loves the fact he copied it exactly and made such a wonderful thing so funny. It’s OK to embrace your bump and pregnancy is a journey you take on together.

“David made it pure comedy gold.”

Ms Marston added that her firefighting partner had to take a few measures to mimic her well advanced bump.

The couple have been showered with praise for their humorous take on the classic pregnancy pic. Credit: LADbible

She said: “He is sticking his belly out but he did take the picture after stuffing his face with Chinese.

“He takes good pride in his body, always going to the gym and boxing, so he definitely had to blow the belly out to get the pregnant look. But at least his dad bod is ready and he’s proud.”

The couple plan to get the picture blown up and framed so their imminent daughter and first child will know how ‘cool’ her parents are when she grows up.

Ms Marston said: “I hope this inspires other couples to embrace their bump and their pregnancy journey not just us women, but our partners too. It’s such a wonderful natural thing and having a partner who you can be fun and have a laugh with makes it even better.”

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