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Video: Woman Hits Herself with Hammer!

Woman Hits Herself with Hammer!

Woman Hits Herself with Hammer!
Trying to accuse Ex of beating her!

Listen to the end, she says,”I ALWAYS WIN WHEN I PLAY DIRTY”. (Top right video of the 3)
This happens all to many times and should be stopped! Being a victim of false allegations myself, currently fighting a court battle for my daughter so this hits close to home!!

***A co-worker comes to work and showed me this. It is what happens when your girlfriend/wife/spouse gets pissed at you, decides she wants “YOU” to go to jail and keep your kids away from you. She took matters into her own hands. Making matters worse, there is someone laughing the whole time in the backgroud! This just shows what some are willing to do AND how easy it is for them to get away with it.

This stuff should be taken seriously and this nut job should be charged accordingly…Crazy Bi**h..

*We as a society need to get the word out that this happens all the time. As my X has gotten drunk and done similar which I am still battling in the courts! Fighting Desperately for my daughter!***

***This makes a mockery of real victims and should not be tolerated!***


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