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woman gave birth and abandoned baby in police station bathroom.

woman gave birth and abandoned baby in police station bathroom.

The shocking incident took place around 1.30 am on the 25th of this month. Police Captain Gasemsak Torkan from the Chiang Mai police station was notified of a woman giving birth in the bathroom of the police station and then taking off, leaving the baby behind.



The police went to inspect the notice along with contacting the local rescue team (Ruamjai Foundation) to come and help check on the well being of the newborn. The newborn was a baby girl with the placenta still attached to her placed in the sink of the police station bathroom. The rescue team made sure the baby was alive and safe then they took her to the Maharach Nakorn Chiang Mai hospital right away.

Surapol Kumwongsa, a member of the rescue team reported that the maid heard the sound of a baby crying. The maid then followed the sound and found the baby girl crying on top of the toilet cover with blood all over the bathroom. She then carried the baby and placed her in the sink before notifying the police.  It is estimated that the mother left her newborn one hour before the baby was found.


The rescue team took less than 5 minutes as their office was near the Chiang Mai city police station. They discovered the baby girl wrapped in soft fabric by the maid laying in the sink. Upon first inspection, the newborn vital signs showed a low pulse rate with cold feet and hands. The rescue team performed first aid on the baby and cleaned the umbilical cord before taking her to the hospital.


The security cameras inside the police station were not functioning at the time of the incident. Thankfully, the investigation police have an idea of who the woman might be. The police will be checking for more security footage from other sources near the area along with calling the suspected women in for further questioning.

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