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Woman ‘Dating Ghost’ Claims He’s Proposed And Wants To Have Children

Woman 'Dating Ghost' Claims He's Proposed And Wants To Have Children

Woman ‘Dating Ghost’: A woman has announced her engagement to her long-term ghost lover and says they now want kids.

We first heard about 30-year-old Amethyst Realm last year when she said she had ditched real men for spirits from the other side.

Since the age of 18, she said she has bedded around 20 ghosts but it is her most recent squeeze, who she met on a trip to Australia, that has managed to tame her heart.

The spiritual counsellor told The Sun: “I’d not had a phantom fling for a while and as I was away on business, starting a new relationship was the last thing on my mind.

“Then one day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. A new lover had arrived.”

In the early days Amethyst says the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other and tried to fit in a bit of nookie on the plane ride home.

It’s a long way back isn’t it?

This Morning/ITV

She said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was happy and excited – so excited that we had to do something about it. So we headed to the plane loo and, well, I am now a member of the Mile High Club.”

Nine months later Amethyst’s ghostly lover decided to make things ‘official’ – not sure where the law stands on paranormal matrimony – and popped the question during a romantic and not at all creepy trip to Wookey Hole caves, in Somerset.

She said: “Halfway through the tour, he told me he wanted to hang back from the group.

“That’s when it happened. There was no going down on one knee – he doesn’t have knees. But for the first time, I heard him speak.”

In true fairytale style Amethyst said the four magic words echoed around the caves in a ‘deep’ and sexy’ way.

She said: “It’s hard to explain but, until that point, his words were inside my head. But, on that day, the words were outside.

“I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.”

And the happy couple are already busy planning their big day, but admit they haven’t discussed the details of the ceremony yet.

And she has even said she wants to try for a baby with her fiance.

She said: “I’ve looked into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.”

I can’t wait for this episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

However, whether it’s bullshit or not – definitely is – Amethyst says ghouls are absolute dynamite in the sack.

She said: “Ghost lovers tend to be more sensual and adept than the average bloke. There’s always more of a connection, because the sex goes beyond physical. It’s like any other kind of sex. The main difference is I just can’t see them.

“I feel them though, their weight against me, their touch, the warmth and energy that just sinks into me.

“Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m being moved. Orgasms I have with my spirit lovers have been way more satisfying than any I’ve had with ordinary men.”

Well, this is a thing that happened.

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