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Woman Blinded After Painful Botched Eye Tattoo

Botched Eye Tattoo

Woman Blinded After Painful Botched Eye Tattoo

A woman in Poland has gone blind in one eye and is losing sight in the other after an attempt to get her eyeballs tattooed black went wrong.

The 25-year-old from Wroclaw was reportedly inspired by a rap artist called Popek, who also has the whites of his eyes dyed black.

After undergoing the procedure, Aleksandra Sadowska complained of a pain in her eyes, although she was reassured by the tattoo artist that this was a normal reaction and that she should take painkillers until it was healed.
However, local reports claim that the artist – known as Piotr A from Warsaw – is facing criminal charges for allegedly using body ink for tattooing skin that is not deemed safe for the eye.

The claims arrived after an investigation was launched, with the woman’s lawyers stating: “There is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure.

“And yet he decided to perform it which led to this tragedy.”

After losing complete sight in her right eye, Aleksandra was told by doctors that the damage was irreparable and that she would soon lose sight in her left eye too.

Speaking to local media, she said: “Unfortunately, for now doctors do not give me much optimism for improvement. The damage is too deep and extensive. I’m afraid I will be completely blind.

“I will not lock myself in the basement and get depressed. I have sadness behind me, but I live on.”
It’s been four years since Aleksandra’s appeal began and only now is the tattoo artist facing charges for his mistake.

Up until this point, Piotr continued to run his salon where he mostly carried out ear piercings. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, though the court case is expected to start soon.

The news arrives shortly after a 24-year-old woman suffered the same issue after having her eyeballs tattooed blue.

Unlike Aleksandra, Amber Luke from New South Wales in Australia regained her eyesight after a month of not being able to see.

While discussing the ordeal, she said that the procedure felt like tattoo artist ‘grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye’.

“Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball,” she added.

“If your eyeball procedure is done correctly, you’re not supposed to go blind at all. I was blind for three weeks. That was pretty brutal.”

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