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Woman ABDUCTED at GUNPOINT in Bangkok carpark

Woman ABDUCTED at GUNPOINT in Bangkok carpark

Woman ABDUCTED at GUNPOINT in Bangkok carpark

A driver working at a company in ‘The Nation’ building in Bang Na abducted a woman at gunpoint and forced her to drive to a short time hotel.

Only the quick actions of the woman saved her from rape.

And quick police work soon had the driver in custody.

An incredible story began when 33-year-old Kasira, a sales employee of a cosmetics firm, was doing her makeup in her car in the parking lot of Central Bang Na getting ready to meet a client.

Her door was open.

A fat man dressed in a blue driver’s uniform opened the rear door, got in and put a gun to her head.

He ordered her to drive to a short time hotel as he wanted to have sex with her. Terrified she drove off to the First Inn but on arrival they realized it was deserted and shut down.

So they went to the Heart Inn on Sri Nakharin Road.

The staff opened the curtain at the motel for her to park but she realized that once inside she would have no chance of escape. She decided to back into space so that she could escape more easily if she got the chance.

As she reversed she deliberately went into a table and chairs in order to attract the attention of the hotel staff.

She then jumped out of the car and ran.

The assailant jumped into the driver’s seat of the car and drove off. Hotel staff immediately contacted the police who studied CCTV and realized through the assailant’s uniform that he worked for a company at The Nation-building on Bang Na – Trat Road.

That building was staked out and police throughout the area were warned to look out for a white Toyota Vios.

Soon the assailant arrived at The Nation in a taxi and was promptly arrested and taken to the police station.

The relatives of the victim tried to attack him prompting police to move to an upstairs interview room.

The man was named as Thakoon In-rung, 47, who identified himself as a driver for executives.

He said that he had taken a car to the BMW service center next to Central and while repairs were being done he went to kill time at the shopping center.

While there he saw an attractive woman in a car with the driver’s door open and he got sexually aroused. He admitted jumping in the car and putting his 11 mm BB gun to her head and ordering her to drive off.

When the abduction and rape went wrong he said he drove off in her car and dumped it at an Esso Gas Station on Sri Nakharin before going back to work at The Nation-building in a taxi.

He has been charged with abduction, menacing and threatening behavior, and theft. He is now in the custody of the Bang Na police

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