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Video: Wife Gives Drunk Hubby A Piggy Back

Wife Gives Drunk Hubby A Piggy Back

This is the hilarious moment a drunk husband returns home after a night out – before his wife PIGGY BACKS him to his bed.

Waanon Lamnarai, 28, had been drinking whiskey with pals before one friend gave him a ride home on December 23 at 7am in the morning.

CCTV shows how he climbed off the motorcycle and staggered around the drive outside his home in Lopburi province, central Thailand.

Waanon’s wife, Natthakitta, 20, is then seen rushing out to help. The well-built woman hoists her husband over her shoulders before giving him a piggy back to their bedroom.

The mother-of-one said: ”He told me he was out with friends so I wasn’t worried about him. But he shouldn’t have been that drunk.

”I didn’t want my husband to fall over. I know he would have problems trying to walk to the room so I put him on my back.

”I dropped him onto the bed then carried on with the housework. I’m strong and he is light so it wasn’t difficult.”

Embarrassed Waanon, a mechanic, said he slept off his hangover before emerging later in the afternoon – after a telling off from his wife for his drinking.

He said: ”I have the best wife in the world. This is how to take care of your husband if you love them a lot.

”She scolded me for getting so drunk but cares about me so much really.”

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