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What Are The Odds

So rumors are already surfacing regarding the legalization of gambling in Thailand, in particular Pattaya. Currently, Thais, and foreigners alike are travelling to nearby countries to get their gambling fix, spending huge amounts of money.

The late King of Thailand was strongly against the idea, but since the sad news of his passing away, the idea is now a strongly being considered by the powers that be.

Tourism would surely increase, and there would be huge benefits to the Thai economy as well. Can you imagine stumbling into a casino on the way home from Walking Street.

That being said, we all know the dangers of gambling, and the problems that follow. Im sure plenty of you guys out there have had a flutter in the past, and as long as we keep within reason, it can be good fun.

So what would it mean for Pattaya? Good idea or bad? Better tourism, or more problems. Let us know what you think…

Until next time guys…….stay tuned!

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