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What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Vape Pen?

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A vape pen is an alternative option to traditional smoking devices. With the advancement in technology, the usage of CBD vape pens have become quite popular among people. With this, people can consume a variety of materials like wax, oil, and dried herbs in a healthier way. But choosing your first vape pen can be both difficult and confusing.

Type Of Vape Pen

Many types of vape pens are in the market: wax pens, dab pens, dry herb vaporizers, & oil pens. You can purchase depending upon the material that you want to consume. Identifying the type of vape pen you need will make your search easy and systematic.

Fine Quality Vape Battery

The battery is a dominant factor to consider whilst buying a vape pen. It will help you know how many hours the vape pen will work between charges. The better the battery’s capacity, the longer the vaporizer will work before it requires to be plugged in again.

Some batteries are integrated or built-in, while some are easily removable. A built-in battery is not removable but is believed to be more durable compared to removable batteries. Also, using a removable battery has the chance of breaking into small components in the vaporizer if the user is not careful.

Vaping Heating Technology

Different means of heating are used in different vaporizers. Convection heaters utilize warm air for vaporizing materials so that the users can get cleaner vapors. The expensive vape pens that are used for dry herbs use convection heating.

Affordable vape pens use conduction heating, and the heat comes directly from a heating element. Thus they provide faster heating but are prone to combustion.

Vape Temperature

Vape pens include different temperature settings. Basic vape pens have a single heat setting so that the materials can get vaporized at a constant temperature level. On the other hand, advanced vape pens consist of a precision temperature or variable voltage setting.

With precision vaporizers, you can adjust the temperature setting gradually. While in variable vape pens, there are options for using high, medium, or low temperature.

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Single-Use Or Multi-Purpose Vape

You can use single-use vape pens with either dry herbs or wax concentrates. These types of pens perform better because they can vaporize only one kind of material. But if you are a consumer of both dry herbs and wax, choose a multi-purpose vape pen that can accommodate both.

A multi-purpose vape pen gives you the advantage of using two vaporizers for the price of one, and they provide average effects.

Go With A Renowned Brand

A company invests money to build a brand. Vape pens made by a renowned company known for the quality of the product will not do anything to destroy their business reputation. Purchasing products from a top-most brand will ensure the customers that they are putting money in a trusted name.


Vape pens are generally compact and small in size. If you want a smaller device, you have to sacrifice qualities including chamber capacity, battery life, and heating ability. Look out for portable vape pens so that you can carry them anywhere you go.

Vaporizer Build Quality

Users must check the build quality before buying a CBD vape pen. Devices made with cheaper components can wear out faster than those made with high-quality components. So look for devices made with aluminum bodies, ceramic chambers, and glass mouthpieces. It will let them know how long they can use their vape pen.

Check The Warranty

It is necessary to check the warranty of a vape pen before purchasing. Some companies provide a lifetime warranty, while others offer a limited warranty. Buying a vape pen with a long-time warranty provides customers with a sense of security. Make sure to see the video reviews or read the fine print of the vape pen you want to buy.

Vape Parts Availability

After long-time use of a vape pen, some parts can wear out. Always try to purchase a vape pen from a company or brand that sells many replacement parts. It will help the users to replace the parts whenever they need them.

Easy To Use

Purchase those vape pens that are easy to use. Vape pens with single heat settings are easier to handle and have only a single button. On the other hand, vape pens with adjustable temperature settings have multiple buttons for the added feature. It can lead to a longer learning curve for users.

Smart Design

Looks and quality are the most important factors when making a purchase. A high-tech vape pen will have intuitive features like charging status, power settings, and battery life indicator. Go for a vape pen with a sleek and compact design so that you will find it easier to clean.

Customer Reviews

Shop from a user-friendly website with lots of customer reviews to make your selection easier. Do not forget to check the reviews posted by the customers after using the products. Based on the reviews, you can decide whether the vape pen will be suitable for you or not.

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Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance is the utmost priority after buying any item to use for a more extended period than usual. Users need to clean their vape pens after utilizing them and when they are putting them up.

**Editors note : Please be aware of different laws for vaping in different countries.

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