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Welcome to SafeHouse Rehab Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Thailand is fully open and all restrictions have now been lifted.

SafeHouse Rehab provides personalised rehab treatment programs in Thailand for clients worldwide.

Why Safehouse Rehab?

And Why Thailand? Why not a rehab in my home town?

Well many addicts and alcoholics have tried to stop in their home town.

Some will have succeeded temporarily, but without a true program for a new way of life, these attempts are almost certainly doomed to failure sooner or later.

The triggers are simply too numerous.

Even with a great deal of help and support i.e counsellors, self-help groups, sympathetic social workers and probation officers, it’s very difficult to get and stay clean and sober in one’s home environment.

Even the next town, city or county, where there’s a treatment centre bed available, is risky. Worth a try perhaps, but just a bus or train ride from home; easy to leave the centre when tempted, and drink or score nearby, or head on home to total familiarity.

It only takes a moment’s weakness to succumb to temptation and mess up in a disastrous manner. Everyone has those moments of weakness, and without the right tools to resist, all can be lost.

Thailand, the Best Option

So the best option, for those who are serious about rehab and making a fresh start, has to be a long, long way away. There are rehabs in South Africa, in Europe, and all over North America, of course. There are literally hundreds if not thousands…sadly, it’s a growing industry.

And then there is the cost of the treatment program itself. Due to relatively low costs in terms of overheads in Thailand, the country offers great rehab prospects for low fees that compare extremely favourably with rehab centres in most other countries.

Continuing in a positive vein,  the lovely, calm, courteous and welcoming nature of Thai people, predominantly practising the Buddhist faith, makes Thailand a very special and spiritual place to find, and learn how to maintain, a positive and rewarding new lifestyle.

And of course, for those who love sunshine and warmth, the weather in Thailand can serve as an added attraction, enhancing one’s sense of wellbeing.

Thailand certainly is conducive to the SafeHouse Primary Purpose.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our team for further information.


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