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Voters prepare! Election date might come with almost 40 C weather!

Voters prepare! Election date might come with almost 40 C weather!

Voters need to prepare before going out to vote on the 24th of this month in Thailand’s National official election date. The election date will be one of the hottest days in a long time with some areas being almost 40 C.

Many citizens of Thailand are preparing to go use their voting rights with great excitement to be a part of Thailand’s big change by participating in choosing which party will become the next governing body of Thailand.



Voters might forget that the 24th is also one of the hottest days Thailand has had in a long while. Voting often involves traveling and walking in the sun, safety precautions will help citizens have a good experience in voting, especially the elderly and citizens with health concerns.


It is common to have a heat stroke in the hot weather of Thailand, many foreigners know what it feels like after bathing all day in the scorching sun and its definitely not a good experience. Voters are advised to follow these safety precautions before going out to vote. Thailand will begin to rise in heat from the 19th of this month to the 25th of this month, some areas will reach up to 40 C within these dates.


Drink at least 8 cups of water beginning from the 23rd of this month and on the election day.

Carefully choose what you eat, especially raw foods that might be left sitting in the sun or the open air for a long time, the pollution condition in your area must also be considered in this period of time.

Drinking too much coffee, team alcohol, and sweet drinks can make your body more thirsty than usual.

Citizens are recommended to have at least 6 hours of sleep before days in the sun.

Paled colored clothes with light fabrics are better for your body, using sunscreen and wearing a hat will also help shield the UV rays from harming your body.

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