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Update: Vlogger from the US gets a verbal beating from Pattaya locals

A vlogger from North America ended up getting a verbal thrashing as he films in Walking Street after he upset locals.

Chuck Wow had started his live video vlog filming a lady and laughing at the size of her as she stood outside a 7-Eleven.

The American vlogger can be heard saying “that girl is all kinds of chunkiness”.

After slating the girl, the vlogger then moves his camera to secretly film a man who was propositioning a lady.

After filming the couple, Chuck then turns his attention to a man that was rummaging through bin bags and making the comment “oh my god, that is disgusting”.

Locals saw what the vlogger was doing and decided to stand in his way in order to stop the vloggers secret filming and that is where a standoff with an angry motorbike taxi begins.

Many people in social media have said that the vlogger got what he deserved, tho the fate of the man has not been revealed.

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