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Visa’s in Thailand clarification

Visa's in Thailand clarification

Recent announcements by the foreign affairs ministry regarding a 60-day visa exemption for citizens of 93 countries have stirred discussions and raised questions about potential extensions and repeat visits. The specifics, such as the possibility of extending the visa exemption to a total of 90 days and the option for repeated stays by leaving and re-entering Thailand, are yet to be clarified.

Another visa option being anticipated is the Destination Thailand Visa, which appears to be a 180-day visa related to specific activities. Details surrounding its extension rights remain uncertain, but it may require supporting documentation like company papers for remote workers, enrollment in Thai training facilities, or participation in specific medical procedures.

Additionally, there is buzz about a Long-Term Residence Visa, rumored to be a 10-year visa requiring a minimum annual income of $80,000 or significant investments in Thailand. While it is said to be exempt from current income tax regulations, questions linger about its status under upcoming tax laws, including potential taxes on worldwide assets.

In September 2024, a review of retirement-related visas and extensions is expected to take place. Possible changes might involve adjustments to financial requirements, such as the minimum bank balance or overseas income transfer. Discussions may also focus on the varying medical insurance requirements for long-stay retirees.

Speculation suggests that certain long-term visa holders might need to register with the Thai Revenue authorities and obtain a tax identification number (TIN). However, as the criteria for tax residency are not solely linked to visa types, such requirements are currently deemed unlikely, especially for tourists relying on shorter stays and visa exemptions.

Regarding long-stay visas for same-sex partnerships, updates are anticipated pending legal developments later in the year. Reviews are also underway for existing visa categories, particularly those tied to retirees with Thai spouses, to address evolving circumstances.”

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