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Video: What’s tipping like in Thailand?

What’s tipping like in Thailand?

What’s tipping like in Thailand?

Tipping has become a practice in Thailand…Generally speaking, it is not expected (except massage services), yet it is highly appreciated by service providers and staff.

At a salon, most Thais don’t usually tip; however, some people tip when they feel they have received really good hair or beauty services.

Most chain restaurants already include 10% gratuities and 7% VAT (Value Added Tax) and so customers are not really expected to tip but definitely welcomed to do so.

The bottom line for tipping in Thailand is totally up to you. You don’t need to tip a lot and there is no expectation to tip either.

Having said that, there is more expectations for tipping for nicer restaurants in big cities or downtown. Some of them do not do automatic tipping as they leave it up to the customers to tip based on their services, believing that it should result in a higher amount of tipping than the usual system of inclusive gratuities.

In this video, Brett and Sarah also teach you how to say ‘tipping’ in Thai while sharing their own experiences when they tip or do not tip, including the actual amount of tipping when they do.

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