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Video: The most relaxed motorcyclist in Thailand

The most relaxed motorcyclist in Thailand

Is this the most relaxed motorcyclist ever? Flipflop-wearing rider sits cross-legged on his bike as he holds on one-handed at 40mph in Thailand

A reckless motorcyclist sat cross-legged on his bike as he sped down a road while holding on one-handed.

The daredevil rider wore flipflops, shorts and a t-shirt while on his bike in Phetchabun, Thailand.

Passing driver Bumrung Sitaban was amazed when she saw the man and filmed him as he sped by her vehicle, reaching speeds of more than 40mph.

The video, captured on October 8, shows the man casually making his way along the road as Ms Sitaban laughs in disbelief at his irresponsible antics.

Another motorcycle rider who passes him, wearing a helmet, gives the driver a thumbs up as he goes on his way.

As the irresponsible rider approaches a traffic light, he uncrosses his legs and starts to ride normally.

Ms Sitaban, a hairdresser, said the man was setting a bad example for other motorcycle riders.

Leather up: The best way to keep safe while riding a motorcycle  

A good set of protective gear can significantly reduce risk when riding a motorcycle.


It goes without saying, helmets are key to preventing head injury in a crash. Helmets must be worn on all UK roads and they should meet British safety standards.

Goggles or visors 

Eye protection can greatly increase comfort when behind the wheel. They protect the eyes from harsh wind, insects and other debris. There are strict guidelines and criteria that goggles and visors must meet to be taken out on the road.

Other protective gear  

There is no law that says riders have to wear other protective clothing. However it is recommended that protective gear, such as the classic leather outerwear, is worn to guard against injury.


Sturdy boots are another piece of optional kit that can be worn while on a bike. They help to keep feet stationary on the pegs while riding.



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