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Video of Thailand Streets Going Wild For Songkran

Well, it,s well on the way here in Thailand and the water is being pumped out and splashed in 1000 s of litres an hour.

Water-spraying elephants, raves and boisterous, street-blocking water fights — Thailand’s Buddhist new year arrived with a splash Saturday, a once calm festival now celebrated with a more raucous edge.

Paying respects to elders and sprinkling water over figures of Buddha at local temples are some of the traditions of the three-day new year celebration — known as Songkran — but the holiday also has a rowdier side involving alcohol-fuelled revelry among its youth.

Thais and foreigners sporting floral shirts arm themselves with colourful water pistols and protective goggles, engaging in water fights that bring entire streets to a standstill.

Pattaya is one of the  only cities that it will be a week-long event,

Enjoy and respect.


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