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Video: Thai man chased across main road by PITBULL

This is the bizarre moment a man was chased across an expressway by a pit bull terrier in Thailand.

In the clip, filmed on a helmet camera by a passing motorcycle rider, the barefooted man can be seen sprinting across two lanes as the tiny dog follows behind.

As he runs in front of cars, they are forced to slow down to avoid hitting the pair during afternoon traffic in Bangkok.

The man is then seen leaping over a hedge and landing in the central reservation followed by the determined pooch, which appears to bite his leg.

Motorcycle rider Ekkapol Prajotanta said he believes the man was running away from the dog.

He said: ‘I was confused by what I saw. The dog was relentlessly chasing this poor guy.

‘Even now I don’t know who he was or what was happening. Some people said that the dog ended up attacking the man. I hope he’s OK and the dog doesn’t chase him anymore.’

The man in the unexplained video, which was filmed on July 5, is still yet to be identified




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