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Video: Passenger opens car door on motorcyclist

Passenger opens car door on motorcyclist

An injured motorcyclist has appealed to a car passenger from his bed to own up to what he did after he opened a car door and floored him.

CCTV footage from the area of Seri Thai Soi 20/1 showed the passenger of a pick-up open the door directly in the path of the motorcycle.

The person then repeatedly tried to close the door that appeared damaged.

People come to help the stricken motorcyclist. After this the pick-up driver just drives off.

The motorcyclist told Thai Rath from his bed that when he saw the footage he was disgusted. He called on the driver to take responsibility.

He said he was the breadwinner of his family and had cancer.

He said that he often went this way on his motorcycle and said he had had no problem previously with the driver of the pick-up.

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Posted by Thairath on Sunday, June 16, 2019

He was amazed that neither the driver nor passenger offered him any help at all.

A female relative said they went to the police to file a complaint. She said the police told them to find out the licence plate of the pick-up, they wouldn’t do it.

They managed to do with this and called the driver but got no answer.

They are now preparing to go back to the police with the further evidence they have gathered.

Thai Rath posed the question on their video report: Why did that person open the door?

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