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Video News: Public sympathy pours in for scorned bride, complaint lodged with police

Public sympathy pours in for scorned bride, complaint lodged with police

Facebook users have expressed sympathy for a Ratchaburi woman who stood in front of guests at her wedding on Sunday and announced that her groom had run away.


The event was broadcast live on the Facebook page of Manow Jutathip Nimnual.

By 9am on Monday – 20 hours after the five-minute clip was broadcast live – it had generated 3.7 million views, been shared more than 30,000 times and received more than 69,000 reactions, most of them weeping for the scorned woman.

The post received an enormous amount of comments, most of which expressed support for her.

In the clip, the bride, Jutathip Nimnual, thanked relatives and friends for attending the ceremony, said she did not expect to turn it to turn out as it did and apologised if she had failed to take good enough care of the guests.

The 24-year-old bride had been due to marry Phakin Junjerm, 20.

According to Jutathip’s cousin, Kanyalak Puangmala, 25, Jutathip fell in love with Phakin recently, after which they agreed to get married and ordered pre-wedding photos.

The bride’s parents had demanded Bt200,000 in cash and gold ornaments worth Bt200,000 as a dowry.

Then, one week before their planned wedding, Jutathip was told that Phakin had a secret lover.

He nevertheless insisted he would marry her but on Friday, sent a message on the Line app telling Jutathip he would have to cancel the wedding because he could not afford the dowry.

The following day, the bride’s relatives offered to give him Bt140,000 he needed to reach the Bt200,000 demanded as a dowry.

Phakin then disappeared for the whole of Saturday until 11pm, when his relatives called the bride’s family to tell them he had been found, all was well and the wedding would be held as scheduled on Sunday.

After he failed to turn up, the woman’s relatives begged Phakin’s young uncle, who looks similar to him, to wear the groom’s suit and pretend to be the groom to save face for the scorned woman.

However, the uncle demanded Bt1million for acting the role so the plan was aborted.

Kanyalak said a total of 1,000 invitation cards were sent out and 170 Chinese-style banquet tables were planned.

Kanyalak said the dumped bride had filed a complaint against Phakin with police.

Meanwhile, the uncle admitted on his Facebook page that he had indeed demanded Bt1 million because he considered it ridiculous to have him stand in his nephew’s place in a fake wedding ceremony.

Her added that his nephew did not love Jutathip but she had forced him to agree to marry her.

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