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Home » Video: Elephant caught SNOOZING on a busy road in Thailand

Video: Elephant caught SNOOZING on a busy road in Thailand

Elephant caught SNOOZING on a busy road inThailand

Elephant caught SNOOZING on a busy road in Thailand

Family of elephants try to wake up their dozing relative as it sleeps on a road warmed by the sun

This is the cute moment a sleeping elephant lies on the warm tarmac of a Thailand road as its family members try to get it to stand up.

The elephants were filmed on Monday morning in Nakhon Ratchasmia, north-east Thailand.

The video shows the young elephant lying on the road as its four family members stand by – and the only sign of life is a periodic flapping of its right ear.

One of the other elephants, which appears to be a calf, presses its trunk and then its leg against the back of its dozy relative – but the animal still does not get up.

Onlooker Khun Kamron said the entire family had earlier been lying on the road, which they like because it is made warm by the heat from the sun.

It was another two minutes before the elephant in the video did get off the road, he said.

‘The whole family had been sleeping in the road. They like it because the surface is warm,’ Mr Kamron said.

They fall asleep at night then wake up in the same place in the morning.

‘But when I saw this group one of the bigger elephants would not wake up.

‘It’s like the others are saying to him ‘Come on, wake up now, we’ll be late for work’.

‘Honestly, I was thrilled to see this. There are many elephants in the forest but it’s rare to see them like this. It’s very special to see their natural behaviour so close.’

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