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video: Dad Promises Son A PlayStation If He Can Hit The Crossbar Three Times

Dad Promises Son A PlayStation If He Can Hit The Crossbar Three Times

Remember when your parents would barter with you to be good or to get your to do something like clean your room. Mine offered me some chocolate or sweets and I’d never worked harder.

So it’s easy to see why this seven-year-old boy was so determined when his dad promised him a PlayStation if he could hit the crossbar three times in a row.

He only went and smashed it.

Chris Charles was having a kick-a-bout with seven-year-old Fabian when he threw down the gauntlet.

Little Fabian – who plays for the Stoke City Under 8 Academy – missed trying to chip the ball onto the crossbar with his first attempt.

After telling him to move back a bit, Chris, 34, told him try again as he filmed him on his phone, joking that if he didn’t do it he was ‘having no dinner’.

With little confidence in his son to get all three, Chris reassured: “No, you have to just get one out of the three. Just one…”

As the first ball hit the goal post, Chris can be overheard saying: “Oh my God, ohh, fair play. Go on then, try and get two if you can.”

Then came the second football and in it went as Fabian’s shocked dad then exclaimed: “If you get three out of three, I’m buying you a brand new PlayStation, imagine that. If you get this I’ll get your a PlayStation, I swear down. I swear.”

Young Fabian did just that and then peeled off celebrating and Chris was so shocked he fell over.

Chris said: “He is seven-years-old, I thought I had a safe bet. If I thought he would do it I would have offered a happy meal or some hot wings. He does have a great strike in him but I know professionals that would struggle with three in a row. So definitely was a shock.”

Chris, from Birmingham added: “He has the PlayStation 4 so I was talking about the PS5. But I’ve since found out that it’s not available until next year.

“So this weekend I will take him out and let him get what he wants – games, boots, trainers – and then pre order the PS5 when it’s out. Why oh why did I make that bet.”

Why oh why did you make that bet? It’s definitely not one you’re going to live down any time soon.



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