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VERY HOT hot week ahead

VERY HOT hot week ahead

The Meteorological Department anticipates an intense heatwave spanning the North, Northeast, Central Plains, and East regions from Monday through Sunday, with temperatures expected to soar, particularly in the North reaching a peak of 43 degrees Celsius on Monday.

This heatwave is attributed to a persistent low-pressure system forecasted to linger over the North, Northeast, Central, and East regions from April 22nd to 28th, resulting in scorching and overcast conditions.

According to the weather office, temperatures could surge to 43°C in the North, 42°C in the Central Plains, and 41°C in Greater Bangkok, the Northeast, and the East on Monday. In the South, temperatures could reach 40°C. The public is advised to limit outdoor activities if possible.

Thunderstorms may occur in certain areas due to southeasterly and southerly winds, while rain is expected in the lower South due to westerly and northwesterly winds over the Andaman Sea and the South, as per the department’s forecast.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand announced that on Monday, the Sun would be directly overhead Bangkok at 12:16 pm on Friday as it migrates northward.

Nevertheless, Friday may not necessarily be the hottest day in the capital this year, as factors such as rainfall, cloud cover, monsoon influences, and heat accumulation also play significant roles, noted the institute.

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