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Vandalism closes famous ‘snake’ cave in Thailand


The Naga Cave in the Bueng Kan’s Phu Langka National Park will be closed to public from Wednesday (Sept 9) until further notice.

The reason behind the closure is vandalism. A visitor had apparently scratched an impolite word on the wall of the cave.

Environment and Natural Resources Minister Varawut Silpa-archa wrote on his Facebook: “I want to deeply apologise to travellers over the sudden closure. We lack measures to prevent damage being made to natural treasures. As for the vandals, if you can’t be a nice tourist, stay home!”

The cave earned its name for the shape and texture of stones that make the walls look like the scaled skin of a snake. Myth has it that this cave was created after a Naga princess was cursed for falling in love with a human prince.

Travellers only recently learned about this cave and it opened to visitors in the middle of this year, before being closed on Wednesday.

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